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    I have just discovered this and I’m disappointed to have missed it. Did anyone take part or look at this in the school week at all?
    It seems a fabulous opportunity to look at faith in action around the world as well as possibly on the doorstep for many.


    Sounds like a great project.

    I’ve found that it is very hard to visit a gurdwara without someone offering you food. 🙂 Which is why I’d like to point out something that happened in my borough a week or so ago, which is that a Muslim parent wrote an irate letter to a head after a visit to a gurdwara and her child had eaten something there. They had of course been offered something to eat, and after being reassured that it was ‘safe’ for everybody (i.e. not haram) the teacher left it up to the pupils.

    The head wrote to me asking for help and I suggested that the next time they make a trip to a gurdwara they make a point of noting on the permission slip that this is likely to occur, that it is an act of service important to the Sikh faith but definitely not an act of worship for the participant, and that it will be vegetarian in nature. Parents are then forewarned, and they can also note on the form if they don’t want their child to eat anything there.

    It’s worth having something like this on permission slips for all such visits, as I happen to know that the local synagogue will offer tea and cakes to any visiting classes.



    I have just started the teach RE course and I am currently focusing on Buddhism and Sikhism. Before I started the course I have to confess I new very little information about Sikhism. However, having read some very useful information on here I am now a little more knowledgeable about the religion. The whole community and social aspect of the religion has made me admire it a lot. I think the langar room is a great place within the gurdwara for people to come together and eat. And also I really like the fact that homeless people can go and eat in the langar room too. If I ever get the opportunity to visit a gurdwara to see how sikhs worship and spend their time, I will definitely take it!



    I have just started the TeachRE course too! I am also doing Sikhism, as well as Hinduism, at the moment. I think Langar Week is such a great initiative. Not only does it bring communities together socially through something everyone does (eating). It also has the potential to actually aid religious understanding and exchange of ideas. As the more contact we have with different people then the more we are going to understand what one another believes and why. From what I have recently read about Sikhism, many Sikhs would be equally as inquisitive about what you believe, as yourself would be about their beliefs. I would certainly love to a visit Gurdwara and learn during Langar week.



    I have also just started the TeachRE course and am doing Sikhism. I have to admit that I have not taught this religion before so also find my knowledge is lacking. The RE Online pages were a good start and I am also reading Sikhism for Dummies. I think that the importance of community and equality in Sikhism stands out. I imagine that it would be very useful to visit the Langar room to get a true feeling of faith in action.



    Having not long started the Teach RE course, I only had a knowledge about the religions I had taught, but now I have researched Sikhism, I’ve found it so interesting. I’d never even heard of Langar week – and now I’m determined to ensure the primary school children I work with will get to visit all the different places of worship, to make sure that they have a chance to learn about it all! I’m looking forward to experiencing it myself.



    I am also doing the Teach RE course and focussing on Sikhism at the moment. I have found it extremely interesting learning about all aspects of the faith but particularly Langar. Langar week is definitely something that I will keep a tab on and will try to incorporate into lessons when I become an RE teacher. Thankyou Nora for your suggestions for when I do need to ask parents permission for trips. It can be difficult to know what boundaries are needed when your only intention is to teach pupils well and give them the opportunity to learn from religion, not just about it.



    I have recently started the Teach RE course and am spending time exploring Sikhism. Year 5 are currently learning about how important their beliefs are. The Langar meal is definitely an opportunity to see one of the 5 key beliefs in action, ‘equality’. As we cannot visit a Gurdwara we are planning our own Langar meal within School, and inviting Year 2 to join us. This was an idea that came from the pupils not me!!! Should be fun.

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