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    Hi, Just working my way through module 1 of the Teach RE course and although I was dreading it I have to admit it has been very interesting. I am working on Hinduism and Judaism which I am finding fascinating.



    Hi, I’m also working my way through module 1 with my deadline fast approaching. The fast track seemed like a good idea but I’ve already learnt so much and keep getting distracted with other information. It is reminding me of things learnt over 30 years ago and the excitement of new learning. My focus is Islam, Humanism and Sikhism.
    All the best Siobhan
    Kind regards


    I’m doing the same! It’s been really interesting so far. Good luck with the Fast Track! I’m doing it whilst I’m on maternity leave. It’s almost over so I’m doing it while my dad is looking after my little girl!!
    My focus is Humanism and Sikhism – although now I’ve seen the new GCSE specifications, I think I need to brush up on Islam as well!


    Chris Nicholson

    I am also on the TeachRE course and have nearly finished the first module on the super fast pathway with the intention of broadening knowledge of the curriculum before beginning Teach First in June. I have found it useful in identifying areas for improvement in my own knowledge and for the amount of high quality resources that it has brought my attention to.
    Hope everyone is enjoying it,


    Hi I am also working my way through module one. I was dreading starting this as I have a nine month old baby, but I am loving it so far. I have chosen to fast track the course so I have three months to complete it. Whilst this will be a challenge, I am looking forward to it and hoping it will prepare me for my PGCE in September. For the purpose of this module I have focused on Islam and Judaism. I am particularly impressed by the quality of resources available to us students and I would have loved to have access to them whilst studying my degree!

    Good luck everybody.



    Hi, I am also working through module 1 and have found it very interesting so far. I am working as a TA in a secondary school (and have a 1 year old) and I’m doing the fast track option ahead of starting a School Direct placement in September. I’m finding it quite tricky to fit in (!), but I’m also pleasantly surprised by how interesting and high quality all the resources are. Focusing on Islam and Hinduism for Module 1.
    Good luck everyone!


    I’m just finishing up Module 1 and so appreciate that I started this course before starting to train on a SCITT course from September! The resources available are great and its so helpful to now know were I can find them, especially since throughout my application process I kept hearing about RE being such an unappreciated and underfunded subject. Its great to see a community of people who are demonstrating RE’s importance despite the challenges it faces.



    Hi, Like all of you I am also doing the Teach RE course and have been finding it really interesting. I’m just finishing off my first module at the moment. I was wandering how you all found the second and third modules and if you have any tips or hints. I was thinking about writing the essay for the second module but if anyone did the powerpoint and found that really useful i would love to hear your feedback!



    Also completing module one and am finding the tasks very interesting. I feel that I am already more confident when answering questions within the classroom and have a better understanding of the subject. The resources and links provided are very informative. Having just completed my leaflet am finding I am able to talk more confidently about the benefits of Re as a GCSE option.



    Hello – yes, I’m also completing Module One. Feeling a bit against the clock, as I’m a full-time teacher, taking on RE Leadership and probably under-anticipated the amount of time I would WANT to devote to this course. I’m finding it all very interesting and currently preferring to spend my time expanding my RE mind, than wading through my KS2 marking pile!



    Like most of you, I am also working my way through module 1, one more week left to complete it! I’m doing the 3 month fast track on a mix of religions in preparation for my PGCE in September. Has anyone else done this? Any advice on what other sources to prepare me would be welcome!


    Dr J Soothill

    I am just completing Module One in preparation for a PGCE and it has really made me think about my attitude towards RE, forced me to articulate the purpose of RE as I see it and encouraged me to explore how other people perceive the subject. The course has so far provided some excellent resources and put me in touch with a community of RE professionals who are enthusiastic about the potential of school RE. This is very reassuring and is helping to confirm my new career choice.



    I’m also a full time KS2 teacher and have taken on the role of RE leader this year. I’ve completed Module One and am now working on Module Two. Am finding it quite difficult to find the time to complete the modules but have decided to give myself an hour every Sunday morning to work on it – so far so good!! My focus is on Buddhism and Judaism and I’m greatly benefitting from discovering new places to find information and resources both for my own teaching and that of my colleagues. I’m taking a year to complete the course and have already been granted an extension due to workload. So feeling pretty happy about it all at the moment and enjoying finding out new things.



    Hey everyone
    I’m also doing a teach RE course and I’m using this as one of my comments for my module 1 stuff because I am not sure how else to go about leaving two comments on two themes as it asks us to do.
    I’m preparing for my SCITT course that starts in September and trying to up my knowledge before I have to actually start imparting said knowledge to the kids of KS3 and KS4.



    Hi all,
    I am also working my way through module one on the fast track course, and I will be starting a PGCE in September. I agree that the resources and external links here are great (almost too good, I end up reading for ages and never starting the actual task!). I cant wait to really get stuck into the second module, but I am going to have to improve time management I think.

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