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    Hello all,
    I am a full time teacher in Early Years, as well as being EYFS lead, Computing lead and RE lead! In a small village school we have to wear a lot of different hats! I am working my way through module one and am thoroughly enjoying it. Just wish I had more time to dedicate to it! Being a full time teacher and mum of two little monsters … I am finding time to expand my knowledge challenging. However I the activities continue to be as interesting I am looking forward to the next modules.



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    I feel so much better reading these. I too am completing module one and left it to the last two weeks. It is so hard to get a chunk of uninterrupted time to read. The joys of parenthood!



    I am really enjoying the Teach RE course so far and am finding it a pleasure to be recapping on my RE again. It is really easy to follow and well dissected into junks so that I can fit a little section in whenever I have a spare hour to study. I’m looking forward to starting Module 2 soon and my PGCE in September.



    I have found module 1 very interesting and it has supported me both in my whole school responsibility of RE and also as a teacher of this subject. Lots of resources and information have provided me with the background to enhance my subject knowledge. I have recently been involved in gathering evidence for REQM and also our SIAMS inspection so very busy at the time.



    Hi everyone,

    I’m also on my way to completing module one on the fast track course. Its been a great experience to develop my knowledge on the Religions/Beliefs of the world. My knowledge outside Christianity was very limited before the programme as I was brought up through a Christian/Catholic schooling system. I enjoy grasping an understanding of alternative possibilities of faith and the ideas of a whole religious community made up of all the religions. That feeling of diversity, tolerance and appreciation is important, especially in an ever growing world of multiculturalism.


    I love the diverse reasons why people are doing the TeachRE course, and also what people are gaining from the course. We have over 90 trainees currently. It is has been of value to you as a PGCE student, primary or secondary teacher, do encourage others to sign up.



    I am also taking the TeachRE Course in order to develop and enhance my subject knowledge in preparation for starting my PGDE course in September. I found this course very helpful as I had little experience and knowledge regarding world religions. I felt that this course broke down the information in a very understandable way and I am learning a lot from this course. I am doing the fast track route and I have just completed the second task. I have learned so much already and I feel like I will be a more confident teacher in the near future thanks to TeachRE.



    I am just coming to the end of my maternity leave and also completing Module One. I’m finding it is taking a lot longer than the suggested 4 hours though as I am loving reading up on the different elements I am researching for it! I am particularly enjoying learning about Sikhism and have found so many useful websites as a result of this module. I’m really looking forward to seeing where the Teach RE course takes me.




    I am also completing the fast track TeachRE course ready to start my PGCE in September. So far this has been an incredibly interesting course (I am about to finish my first module,) especially considering throughout my undergraduate degree I only had the opportunity to study Christianity and Judaism. The amount of subject knowledge I have gained so far, particularly in Hinduism and Sikhism, which I had barely any previous knowledge of, has been very surprising. I am definitely excited to start the next module, to see how much my subject knowledge will increase in the next few weeks.



    Hey everyone,
    I am also completing the fast track TeachRE for September. I graduated with a degree in Social Science, and even though I was able to elaborate on the philosophy and the political agenda of Religion, I didn’t get the opportunity to look into the basics of the religions. Which I am enjoying more than I anticipated. I have found the first Module to be extremely insightful. I have also found myself doing more research than neccessary with the word count we are provided with. I cannot wait to start the next module.




    I am completing the fast track Teacher for September when I will start my PGCE in Secondary RE. I have had a year break between graduating with a degree in Theology and starting my PGCE and I think that this course is really helping me get back into the routine of studying and researching. It’s very interesting and I’m glad I’m not the only one getting distracted by reading so much!



    Just completing Module 1 of the super fast track course, and I’m finding learning about Hinduism and Buddhism very easy and interesting through the use of the template.



    Hi, I am currently working on the first module with my deadline approaching fast. The fast track scared me at first as I wasn’t sure what to expect, however having completed task one and two i have already learned so much. The course does take up a lot of time and requires a of a attention. I must admit I am really enjoying the course so far, and i look forward to completing the course and starting my PGCE.

    Best of Luck,



    Hi everyone, I am loving this website and this forum it’s so useful for everyone, I hope we can all work together and help each other when needed as I will definitely be looking for assistance if I am ever stuck with anything. I am currently completing my Super fast track course as I will be starting my PGCE in September, I am really looking forward to it :). My focus is on Sikhism and Buddhism and I am fascinated that I have learned so much so far from this website and the excellent resources the course provides.

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