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    I’m part time this year, so thought it would be a great idea to do the course because I have so much free time… But seriously, have just started and started with module 2 because it is just research based and felt like the easiest. Have done the majority of it today and realised that I had forgotten that I really do like studying! Now looking forward to doing the reading for part 1. Just need to decide whether to aim the leaflet at my colleagues who hate teaching RE or the parents who never mention it!



    I was a little worried when I started the course because the thought of writing two 2500 word essays is quite daunting when you have been out of University for a while. So I’m glad that part 1 involves researching and finding sources. Now I know where to look when it comes to module 2 and 3. I’m doing this course to improve my subject knowledge because I want to do an RE PGCE. As my degree isn’t in RE, although I have been told I can interview for the PGCE I felt I would be at a disadvantage to other interviewees, even though if I had done a philosophy degree I would probably be in the same position. This course is really helping me get back into RE and I am enjoying the researching element. I am about to start working full time so I am a little worried about fitting in module two and three once I do! I chose the three month option because one month doesn’t seem like enough time to really improve my subject knowledge and one year seems like too long to really give it all my effort and concentration. Good luck to everyone else completing the course!



    Hi, my situation is similar to Clarin1989. I’m also doing the course in preparation for a PGCE application/interview. My degree was in International Development so needing to brush up on my subject knowledge. I’m doing the fast track over three months which is great as I am working full time in France and only have a few evenings free each week. I am really enjoying the first module of the course, it has really got me thinking about how RE is taught and has got my head in the zone ready for module 2!



    I have been working through module one also. The sources here are great for giving you the immediate and relevant information you require, I have used some of this material in my lessons.


    The online Banquet of ‘Why is Prophet-hood such an important concept in Islam?’This is useful for GCSE, it has great questions surrounding the prophet that students may ask and it therefore prepares you for student responses.


    Hi Melissa and all the new students jumping into this thread,

    Welcome to the cafe. It’s wonderful to hear how much you are enjoying the course and this website as well as becoming empowered to do your own research. Glad you found the Prophethood Banquet helpful Melissa. The banquets do offer a very rich and supportive bridge between raw research on religions and planning classroom activities.

    Do shout if you need anything 🙂

    Best, Sushma



    Hi all,

    I am also working my through the course. I have found it fascinating so far having learnt a great deal about Islam and Buddhism. I really hope it well help with my subject knowledge when teaching.



    I’m also working on Module one of the course, focusing mainly on Islam and Sikhism at the moment. It has been fascinating, I’m learning so much and already feel my confidence in religious subjects growing. My qualification is in philosophy, so I am taking the course to get a good RE knowledge grounding for my PGCE application.



    I’m am also working through the course and am also focusing on Islam and Sikhism. I am learning so much and am looking forward to learning even more.
    Good luck everyone.



    Hi everyone, I am also working my way through the RE course. I am currently finishing a law degree and the difference in subject matter, research, writing style is so vast. I had studied law for 5 years now so it is somewhat ingrained into my mind.
    I am very much enjoying the research and learning new information about religions.
    It is definitely a challenge at the moment as I’m juggling the end of my law degree and the transition from writing for one to the other is very tricky.
    I will be looking through more of these forums in the near future as I continue with this course and look forward to connecting with what appears to be some very interesting topics from experts within the field and also individuals like myself that are learning and discovering within the subject.



    I’m just completing module 1. I’m a non specialist who started teaching the new GCSE specification in September 2016. I am a trained food technology teacher and find teaching Re and studying the teach RE course very different to the subject I originally trained in. Lost of stretch and challenge for me!!


    Ross Kite

    Hello, yep, I’m also on module one, also starting a PGCE in September. I’ve found the course a superb source of… well, sources. These will be invaluable for years to come. I had also forgotten how to write a real essay (last degree was around 20 years ago), with proper referencing and so on. I’m enjoying it, RE is too interesting to feel like real work (yet, I know this is highly likely to change when the PGCE begins), though I’d also forgotten just how hard it is to whittle down a word count for a short essay. I can also highly recommend ‘Save RE – the subject community for RE professionals’, on Facebook. People on there are really really helpful and also provide some great sources of resources. Good luck everyone.



    Hi Just found your message about the teach RE course are you still doing it? I have just started module 1 and like yourself I am a teacher trained in another subject/Geography who is now teaching RS at GCSE and has been for 4 years, but I find the course so far fascinating and really enjoying studying again, just need more time! Good luck anyone else on the course.



    I have to admit, I’m loving the teach RE course. I’m on module one and I have learnt so much already. I decided to do the course because I am RE Lead at my school and thought that my subject knowledge wasn’t up to par. I often get colleagues asking me questions about things they need to teach and I have to google it myself. I don’t expect to become a font of all knowledge but just to know a little bit more.



    I plan to complete the course fast track over the summer, I have loved learning more about Diwali and I am buzzing with ideas of how I would teach it. I plan to do my PGCE year next year and I will keep reading about religion for pleasure, hopefully forever! I am learning so much, I was tempted to comment on how we can tackle atrocities ‘in the name of religion’ in the classroom blog. My daughters year 6 trip was nearly cancelled because a small number of parents were concerned that they were staying in Bradford! I feel that education is key to supporting balanced viewpoints and I hope one day that I will be a cog in the wheel helping to keep the balance, but knowing that I will always learning myself, teaching is going to be an adventure!

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