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    Hi All,
    It’s interesting reading all your comments. Like most of you I’m also in the middle of Module 1 and although the task are interesting, I think I’m taking way too much time reading all about the different religions. It’s been a long time since I tried to learn! I’ve never added a comment on a – blog?- before! Does anyone else find it scary posting something to a permanent online base?




    I am also in the middle of module one and finding it quiet interesting in regards to the different websites that are available to get information from. It has certainly being worth finding this website to be able to fill in my gaps of knowledge as my degree was focused on Philosophy, with some Eastern Philosophy and world religions in particular Hinduism and Buddhism. We also studied African Religions which was different but not sure how helpful that knowledge will be over the next coming years, during my PGCE & NQT year



    Hi all,

    I am also working my way through module 1 and really enjoying it. I am just about to start module 2 so if anyone has any great resources or topics of interest then do let me know, I’d love to share ideas!

    Many thanks



    I am new to the RE Café too. I am completing module one and felt quite nervous to be posting but then I thought what a great place to get advice. I have started a theme on diversity and helping children to recognise different views within a religion rather than seeing people as rigid groups e.g. all Muslims believe…etc. I’d appreciate your views.



    Hi, I’ve just completed module 1 and now looking at module 2. I’m finding the course very interesting and useful. I’m particularly interested in finding resources that will show links between religions that I can use within KS2.



    HI, I am just finishing off module one, and am finding it such an amazing resource. Also I am finding it a bit of a challenge but enjoying it so much. particularly like the good learn films have used one idea with my year 5’s .They really loved it and the conversations ,questions and answers were so animated and relevant.



    Hi, well 32 years after graduating and having just been given a permanent contract and appointed RE coordinator earlier in year, after years of supply and PPA, it was my first coordinator role for 22 years.I decided to do the course to build on my knowledge both for myself and for my colleagues so I could support them better. Panic set in over researching, reading and writing essays etc. I am thoroughly enjoying the course though and finding out some of the intricacies of religions which I just didn’t know even though I have taught RE for many years. (Teachers like to leave their RE lessons for supply teachers and PPA cover). I am finding the 4/5 hours outline for each unit way out of my league – think I’m on at least double or triple that!! Is anyone else finding it takes that long or is it just me!

Viewing 7 posts - 46 through 52 (of 52 total)

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