Islam – Forms of expression and ways of life

GCSE support materials designed to give a thorough introduction to Islam for GCSE students and teachers.


The Muslim community
Video: Muslim family life
Transcript: Muslim Family life
What is the umma?
A Muslim child is welcomed
Modesty: the special character of a Muslim


The mosque
The mosque in the life of Muslims


Halal and Haram
Video: Halal and Haram
Transcript: Halal and Haram
Dietry laws
Classification of actions


Shi’a obligatory acts
Shi’a obligatory acts


Aid to those in need
Al-Mizan Charitable Trust
The Good Deed Ramadan Calendar


Sufi ways of life
The Sufi ways: paths towards human perfection
Video: Sufi ways of life
Transcript: Sufi ways of life
The importance of Shaykh


The historical setting
Video: Early expansion of the Islamic Empire
Transcript:Early expansion of the Islamic Empire
Video: An intellectual flowering
Transcript: An intellectual flowering


For further content in this series please see:
Setting the scene
Beliefs and teachings
Sources of wisdom and authority


All content by Dr Chris Hewer


Dr Chris Hewer comes from a background in Christian theology, education, Islamic studies and inter-faith studies and has worked in the field of Muslims in Britain and Christian-Muslim relations since 1986, first at the Centre for the Study of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations at Selly Oak in Birmingham and from 1999 to 2005, as the Adviser on Inter-Faith Relations to the Bishop of Birmingham.
From 2006-2010, he was the St Ethelburga Fellow in Christian-Muslim Relations in London, with a brief to deliver adult popular education courses, study days and talks around Greater London.