New Guidance on Assessment in RE

October 31, 2016
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Based on a series of expert summits, hosted by Culham St Gabriel’s, on assessment after levels in RE, Dave Francis has produced the following guidance documents on assessment for RE:ONLINE.  These outline the developing thinking around assessment in the new educational landscape and offer a possible framework that teachers can use when thinking about assessment and pupil progression in RE.  We hope these will form a suite of documents related to assessment in RE that continues to grow as work and thinking in this area develop.


For more background on moving beyond levels, see a Keynote Presentation given by Dilwyn Hunt at the Energising RE Teacher weekend in 2015:


Download the documents here:

Assessment and Progression in Religious Education, Part 1: Navigating Options
Word Document


Assessment and Progression in Religious Education, Part 2: A New Framework for Assessment in RE
Word Document

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