Short course: Teaching about Islam for RE in secondary schools – resources and approaches

October 12, 2017
RE News,

How safe and confident do you feel teaching about Islam to your students? World events have made Islam and Muslims a central issue in public debate. But RE teachers are often expected to teach Islam with poor textbooks that sidestep contemporary scholarly debate. This workshop offers insights into current academic work on Islam that seeks to situate the development of the religion into a historical context and investigate primary sources that can be brought into the classroom.


The Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations (ISMC) is holding a one-day workshop to offer insights into current academic work on Islam. It aims to give teachers access to new sources of knowledge of the emergence of this religious tradition.It is intended to help teachers respond to the materials that young people encounter online and equip students with the critical tools to navigate this material safely and confidently.


The ISMC at the Aga Khan University, London, was founded in 2002, seeking to occupy a vacant space in the discourse on the Muslim world by promoting scholarship that opens new perspectives of Muslim societies on key issues such as tradition and modernity, religions and the state, pluralism and unity, and the diverse nature of Islam in an era of global connection and change.


The workshop will be held on Saturday 11 November 2017, 9.30am to 5pm, at ISMC, London. A small charge of £20, plus a booking fee, will be charged to cover costs.


Further details, including a synopsis of each session and booking information can be found at