The Interviews

The following films contain succinct interviews with people of faith from Cornwall. Each of the RE-searcher characters has asked two questions to five members of the Cornwall Faith Forum ( This project, sponsored by Cornwall SACRE to mark Interfaith Week (, provides teachers with video stimuli to use in the classroom as starting point or focus for a lesson. Furthermore, it provides schools using the RE-searchers approach an opportunity to see how each of the RE-searchers elicits different kinds of information from people of faith and provides them with a springboard for different forms of enquiry. For example activity ideas for each character to use in conjunction with the videos see:


P26 for Ask-it-all Ava activity ideas
P33 – 35 for Debate-it-all Derek activity ideas
P42 – 46 for Have-a-go Hugo activity ideas
P59 – 60 for See-the-story Story Suzie activity ideas


in the following resource:


Introducing the Interviewees:


Video 1: Tell us about yourself?



Video 2: What faith tradition do you belong to?



The Ask-it-all Ava Interviews:


Video 3: According to your faith tradition, what is the meaning and purpose of life?



Video 4: Would all people within your faith tradition agree with your answer?



The See-the-story Suzie Interviews:


Video 5: In your sacred texts / scriptures, which story is the most important to members of your faith tradition and why?



Video 6: How does this story shape your life?



The Debate-it-all Derek interviews:


Video 7: What do you believe about God?



Video 8: Why do you believe this?



The Have-a-go Hugo interviews:


Video 9: What happens when someone from you faith tradition gets married?



Video 10: What does it feel like to take part and what do you think about at the ceremony?



The full interviews: