Religious Education in the New Curriculum

This website offers guidance produced by the Expert Advisory Group (EAG) for Religious Education to support those using the non-statutory National Curriculum Framework for RE (NCRFRE), produced by the RE Council in 2013.


The guidance can be viewed on the website or by downloading a pdf: Religious Education in the New Curriculum


The question bank can be viewed below or by downloading a pdf here:


Templates that develop the questions can be downloaded as pdfs here:

Blank Template for RE Questions

Key Stage 1 Example Template

Key Stage 2 Example Template

Key Stage 3 Example Template


If you are interested in presenting these materials to your networks, feel free to make use of the PowerPoint Presentation and Presenter’s Script produced by the EAG:
Presenter’s Script:


The Purpose of the Guidance


The purpose of this guidance is to support those with curriculum responsibility for RE to use the non statutory National Curriculum Framework for RE (NCFRE) in designing their curriculum.


Effective curriculum design needs a vision about the overall shape and purpose of the project in order to construct a coherent and progressive pattern of learning. Once the design has been completed it can be used by teachers to develop more detailed planning in ways that fit in with the statutory requirement in different contexts such as the syllabus produced by local agreed syllabus conferences, dioceses and academy trusts.


NOTE: The RE curriculum is set locally, not nationally. Broadly speaking, it is set for community and voluntary controlled schools by local agreed syllabus conferences, advised by local SACREs, and by governing bodies in the case of academies, free schools and voluntary aided schools.


How to Use this Website


The guidance outlined on this website is set out in three main sections.  Use these to navigate around the site:


Section 1: What are we trying to achieve in RE?


Section 2: How do we organise learning?

– What might a well-designed curriculum for RE look like?
– Deciding how to organise the curriculum
– Framing units as enquiry questions
– Designing the curriculum for early years foundation stage
– Designing the curriculum for for KS1
– Designing the curriculum for for KS2
– Designing the curriculum for for KS3


Section 3: How do we know how well our pupils are progressing?


Section 4: Question Bank