Framing units as Enquiry questions


This guidance uses key questions as the main way of framing units of work (see the Question Bank). Such an approach is useful in encouraging an enquiry-based approach to learning. It is not, however, the only way of framing units of work and should not be seen as a required template.


If a school decides to use enquiry questions as the title for units, the following points may be helpful.


  1. The title questions need to be clearly accessible for the age of the pupils, enabling them to join in the process of deciding what the question means and how it might be investigated.
  2. Each question should focus simply on the object of study, avoiding unnecessary complexity.
  3. They should be ‘big’ questions that take the pupils to the heart of the subject and are of long standing significance.
  4. Sequences of questions should enable pupils to see a learning journey and identify how any topic is building on previous learning by advancing their progress in the subject.
  5. Questions should be rooted in the core beliefs and commitments of the main religion(s) or worldview(s) being studied.