Anne Lamb

Last Chair of St Gabriel’s Council
First Chair of St Gabriel’s Trust

On 15th May 1999, traditional Dedication Day, the centenary of the Foundation of St Gabriel’s College was celebrated. The presence of so many students and staff at this event is evidence Portrait of Canon Charles Edward Brooke, Founder of the exceptional appreciation, loyalty and devotion that the Founders, Canon Charles Edward Brooke and Miss M.E. Bishop, inspired then and since.

Worship at St John the Divine and learning at Charles Edward Brooke School continue in Camberwell. Lyle Dennen, now Archdeacon of Hackney, was vicar of the parish and Chair of the school governors, a member of the College Council and continued as a Trustee. Canon John Hall, sometime curate in the parish, is now General Secretary of the General Synod Board of Education and of the National Society (Custodian Trustees of St Gabriel’s since 1915).

The College lives on in the community work of the St Gabriel’s Trust and Progamme, Group photograph of Miss Bishop and Staff described at the centenary celebrations by Priscilla Chadwick (Chair) and John Gay (Director of The Culham Institute).

Thousands of memories are revived at a centenary. These memories from former students and staff of the College will add to them and multiply more. Eight contributions to this booklet are from students who attended the College at different times; seven are from staff whose work was a distinctive feature of St Gabriel’s. All have responded with delightful, vivid recollections and are here most warmly thanked. Time and space, as always, are constraints. May you enjoy each representative contribution as much as has their collector, alone to blame for any imbalance and omission.

Miss Blackburn made invaluable suggestions and provided a copy of Jacqueline Evan’s dissertation on St Gabriel’s. Miss Blackburn’s presence and her ultimate willingness to offer inimitable memories of her own are specially appreciated.