Networking RE

Local – Strategic – Grass roots

Teacher-led RE Hubs for professional development

An invitation to teachers and RE professionals to apply for funding and join existing networks for professional development.


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Welcome to Networking RE – an innovative approach to supporting professional development in RE.


The Networking RE site offers opportunities to:


  • apply for grant-funding to Culham St Gabriels Trust to develop new professional development projects and networks, local and regional hubs and events
  • link with, and get support from, other RE professional development networks across England
  • explore case studies of effective practice in other RE PD Networks


Networking RE builds on the work of the Regional Strategy funded by CSTG, which aimed to ensure that there are more robust arrangements for training and supporting teachers of RE. The strategy was worked out by the RE Council and NATRE working in collaboration with CSTG.


Following an evaluation of the impact of that work and a review of the strategy, CSTG now wishes to respond to teachers’ needs by focusing more strongly on supporting innovative, teacher-owned approaches to CPD in local contexts.


Therefore, Networking RE aims to promote teacher-led grassroots professional development RE networks across England.

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