Existing Networks

Details of existing local and regional networks


Name Example of Focus Contact
South Central (Hampshire) A strong research reading group. Planning two conferences, one on leadership and the other on curriculum, philosophy and RE. Pat Hannam
East Midlands Small but active network connecting NATRE, 3forRE, Quality Mark and resource centres. Working on reaching small rural community primary schools. Mark Plater
Dorset Joining up with LTLRE ‘Area 3’. Focus on attainment using key concepts. Verity Holloway
South East Kent and Medway 15 -20 teachers with a wider web group of 164. Many school-led RE events. Evolving the’ Teachmeet’ template to allow more critical mutual challenge. Focus on GCSE subject knowledge and knowledge construction. Bob Bowie
Cheshire 51 members. Focus on P4C in primary and secondary schools. Strong links with Quality Mark. Tim Lee
Merseyside 8 official events and 5 spin offs. 156 participants, primary and secondary. Seeing depth of change in teachers’ understanding of subject knowledge. Joy Schmack
London Network of 92. Planning for a 2018 day conference. Andy Lewis
Berkshire and Oxfordshire Piloting ‘Crossing the Bridge’, a set of materials to help schools make best use of visits to places of worship. Strong links to NATRE. Anne Andrews
Durham Informal connection between teachers focusing on research-practice links. Links with NATRE and Quality Mark. Karenza Passmore
Humberside 121 teachers, 70% primary. Good balance of church schools and community schools. Good linking with LTLRE and the Quality Mark. Sue Holmes and Marilyn Cowling
West Yorkshire Core of primary practitioners. Planning research links. Holding a conference Easter 2018. Emma Salter
South Yorkshire Network of 55 primary and secondary. Planning two conferences, one primary, one secondary (focused on new GCSE). Vanessa Gregory
York LTLRE North A block of primary teachers taking the Teach RE course. 8 local hubs, each supported by a pair of leader. All affiliated to NATRE. Helen Wren and Olivia Seymour
Warwick* New network connecting with PGCE, TeachRE, 3forRE and NATRE Rachel Cooper
Cumbria* Pupil-teacher conference and follow up. Katherine France
Newham* Pupil-teacher conference and follow up. Claire Clinton
Northumberland* Pupil-teacher conference and follow up. Libby Taylor
North Lincolnshire* Pupil-teacher conference and follow up. Carole Lymn
West Midlands* Pupil-teacher conference and follow up. Rachael Jackson-Royal
London – Trainees** Joanne Pearce
South Midlands** An independent schools network organising regional conference Bella Carter

* New networks
** These networks are not funded by CSTG
Please contact the groups through Mark Chater – mark@cstg.org.uk

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