Getting Started

CSTG is offering grants of up to £2000 to fund innovative projects for teachers to work together to provide professional development in RE.


Your project bid needs to demonstrate how you will create or maintain an inspiring, connected, and energising network that will do two or more of the following five things:


  • Raise standards: promote excellence in teaching and learning in RE, through rigorous teaching about challenging concepts and texts
  • Strengthen subject knowledge: enable teachers to be confident and accurate in new knowledge areas, and plan their curriculum with clear knowledge
  • Deepen research links: enable teachers of RE to become more research-aware
  • Develop leadership capacity: offer leadership opportunities for new emerging leaders and change agents committed to high standards in RE
  • Promote policy awareness: enable RE people to argue for a better legal, policy and infrastructure basis for RE


In order to attract the microgrant, your network needs to consciously set itself two or more of these aims.


Bids will be welcome from existing or new groups, including NATRE or other local networks.


Bids will be considered for a range of focused, teacher-led and innovatively designed projects to promote improved subject knowledge, teaching and learning, research, curriculum planning, assessment or leadership expertise such as:


  • Organising a local conference that creates to a continuing network
  • Developing a series of Teachmeets
  • Creating a sustained training programme for new or emerging leaders of RE
  • A series of sessions designed to develop teachers’ subject knowledge
  • Creating a research hub proving an opportunity for teachers to work together to innovate and share good practice.
  • Undertaking a more substantial research project in collaboration with research partners (e.g. university based researchers)


CSTG offers support for anyone looking to make a bid:


  • There are a number of case studies available below to prompt ideas.
  • Contact other existing networks if you want to seek advice (details of other groups can be found here)
  • Ask Mark Chater, Director Culham St Gabriel’s, for advice
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