Getting Started

CSTG is offering grants of up to £2000 to fund innovative projects for teachers to work together to provide professional development in RE.


Any project bid needs to seek to:


(a)            create connecting, inspiring and energising networks;

(b)            promote good practice leading to improvement in leading, teaching and learning, or research in RE;

(c)             build RE leadership by developing confidence, expertise and vision.


Bids will be welcome from existing or new groups, including NATRE or other local networks.


Bids will be considered for a range of focused, teacher-led and innovatively designed projects to promote improved subject knowledge, teaching and learning, research, curriculum planning, assessment or leadership expertise such as:


  • Organising a local conference
  • Developing a series of Teachmeets
  • Creating a sustained training programme for new or emerging leaders of RE
  • A series of sessions designed to develop teachers’ subject knowledge
  • Creating a research hub proving an opportunity for teachers to work together to innovate and share good practice.
  • Undertaking a more substantial research project in collaboration with research partners (e.g. university based researchers)


CSTG offers support for anyone looking to make a bid:


  • There are a number of case studies available below to prompt ideas.
  • Contact other existing networks if you want to seek advice (details of other groups can be found here)
  • Ask Mark Chater, Director Culham St Gabriel’s, for advice
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