Plan your application

Before you express an interest in funding


Before applying for funding to help develop a regional strategy for RE, it is strongly advised that you:
1. Consider:

  • What do you want to achieve – what will be the focus of your bid?
  • How do you want to go about it – what kind of event(s)/ project do you want to organise?
  • Who will be involved and how will you promote your initiative?
  • In what ways will the event/ project be innovative?
  • How much funding do you think you will need?
  • How will you share the good practice?
  • How you intend to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of your initiative?
  • How will the event/project build communities and networks, and how will these be sustained after completion?


2. Contact Mark Chater, Director Culham St Gabriel’s, to organise a meeting or conversation that will help you with your ideas.
3. Complete the application form including the five key questions:


  • What aspect of RE are you planning to address? (e.g. subject knowledge, teaching and learning, curriculum planning, assessment, subject leadership, research, policy)


  • What kind of activity are you planning? (e.g. conference, series of teachmeets, research project etc.)


  • How will you organise the activity, and who do you intend to involve in the programme (individuals, schools, networks or organisations)


  • How will you share the work more widely? (using social media; case studies, linking with other neighbourhood groups?)


  • How do you intend to evaluate the impact of your work?


Other things you will want to consider:


How will you use social media, such as #Teachmeets, @reonline_tweets, @rethinkREnow, @NATREupdate and #REchatuk to promote and share your work?


Are there opportunities to use your initiative to build partnerships in your local area with, for example, universities, teacher training providers, multi-academy trusts, dioceses etc.?


Are there opportunities to link with other neighbouring groups to share practice and build further networking opportunities?


Will you need any administrative support to help organise your plans? You might like to discuss this with the CSTG Director, Mark Chater, who may be able to offer some ideas.


See the  application form

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