Blog Guidelines

Interested in blogging for us? We can provide help and support. Email us at with your idea. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our simple guidelines for blogs are:

What are our blogs: Where RE teachers find practical advice, inspiration and knowledge that enables and empowers them to grow and flourish as builders of a 21st Century RE.

Audience: RE teachers from foundation through to key stage 5.

Topic: To be agreed with us before you write the blog. Please email Practical classroom examples are a real priority. We want people to be able to read these and put some ideas into practice.

Tone: Chatty, supportive, inspiring, practical.

Word count: Approximately 500 words please (It can be more..).

Photos: If a photo helps illustrate a point please use it. Do make sure use of the image does not infringe copyright. If the image is one of your own and contains people please let us have the agreement of all in the image to use it. If you are using a creative commons image please let us have details of who to credit.

Author info: Please include your name and job title or very short bio. This will be added to the end of the blog. A photo would also be appreciated as we like to show the human behind the work.

Review: We will review your blog and may ask you to make changes before publishing. We may make minor changes to your blog.

Publishing: We will let you know when your blog will be published.

Social media promotion: We will publicise your blog via the RE:ONLINE Twitter and Facebook accounts. If you have a twitter username please let us know and we will tag you in.

Reposting policy: You may post your blog on your own website, please do link back to RE:ONLINE


We have launchied a new blog series called ‘Inspired by…’

We hope our blog series will open up endless possibilities for you to tell us about what you are inspired by whether it’s a book, blog, conference, colleague, the creative or visual arts, your pupils, a family member, a magazine or journal article, visiting somewhere new or a holiday destination, a TV programme or a YouTube influencer…..

Some possible ideas could include..

  • Perhaps you have been inspired by a book?
  • Perhaps you have been inspired by a colleague?
  • Perhaps you have been inspired by some recent professional development?
  • Perhaps you have been inspired by visiting a new place?
  • Or maybe your inspiration is from your pupils?