Leadership Programme

The Culham St Gabriel’s Leadership Programme

Finding your voice as a leader of Religion and Worldviews 2021-22


Programme Outline

The funded programme aims to develop leaders in the following four areas.


Programme Partners

The programme builds on the hugely successful AREIAC Revitalise scheme. It is funded by Culham St Gabriel’s and the Jerusalem Trust. It brings together the following organisations who all have representatives on the steering group which oversees the programme:

  • Association of RE Advisers, Inspectors and Consultants (AREIAC)
  • Association of University Lecturers on RE (AULRE)
  • Learn, Teach, Lead RE (LTLRE)
  • National Association of SACREs (NASACRE)
  • National Association of Teachers of RE (NATRE)
  • RE Council of England and Wales (REC)

Stage 1

This stage is for those local or regional leaders who are beginning to work across more than one school. For example, leading Religion and Worldviews across a MAT or supporting other schools in a Federation and/or leading a local group or hub. Some NATRE Regional Ambassadors, SLEs, REQM Gold award RE leads or LTLRE Hub leads might find this Stage of CPD helpful.

You can download the Stage 1 participant guide below.

Stage 2

This Stage is for teachers who have completed Stage 1 and/or for those who already have a regional/national role and would like to develop their expertise further. This stage is particularly for teachers/advisers who are likely to continue their specialism into senior leadership roles within or outside of their school situation. Those who are seeking to become advisers, ambassadors or an Executive member of one of the RE Organisations are particularly encouraged to apply.  You can download the Stage 2 participant guide below.

What do current participants say? 

It was great to be able to engage with the concept of leadership on more of a strategic and theoretical way.


I have got loads from the programme so far. I have seen RE in a different light – in terms of bigger picture and national. I really enjoyed the research module of the TEACH RE course we are covering. I am doing something now for a diocese and am now feeling confident to bring it to my group. I wouldn’t have had the confidence – this programme has made me think I can do this.


Mentors have been brilliant. Having time with someone to talk about leadership has been really incredibly helpful.


The mentors have been brilliant – words of wisdom and the right recipe. I really enjoyed being part of the reading group – great to have dialogue – zoom didn’t hinder the process in any way. It is all making sense to me now – at the time I found them hard, but it was good for me to be stretched.


There can be a fear of saying the wrong thing. Having this smaller community, enabling us to speak out, is great as a foundation. I feel so much more confident now outside of my schools to speak about RE.


Applying for a place

Applications are now closed.


Stage 1 Participant Guide


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Stage 1 Headteacher Information


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Stage 2 Participant Guide


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Stage 2 Headteacher Information


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Headteacher Undertaking/Agreement


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