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The five Dottie and Buzz programmes were produced to help teach RE in schools. But they are very easily adaptable for use by Junior Church / Sunday School leaders with children aged 4-6.

These notes have three main differences from the teacher notes prepared for use in schools:

1) many of the original activities have been adapted for use in the relatively short timescale available in junior church - they are easy to organise and do not require elaborate preparation;

2) they recognise that many facilities available in schools are not available in church;

3) most need nothing more than pencils, paper, scissors and glue;

4) the specifically Christian focus of each programme has been sharpened.

General Hints


The main difficulty with using Dottie and Buzz in a church environment is finding a TV/video player - and a place where it can be used. If this can be solved, the rewards are great. Experience has shown that young children find the programmes fascinating and that they readily grasp the underlying theme of each episode. They are invariably disappointed when the sequence of programmes comes to an end.


There is a suggested Bible story with each lesson. No particular children's version of each story is identified and it should be easy to find something suitable. However, teachers might consider simply re-telling each story. The spontaneity and interaction can provide a much more engaging result than dutifully reading a printed text.

Printed resources for use in church

Programme 1


Programme 2


Programme 3


Programme 4

Wide World

Programme 5


These materials can be downloaded.
They are in PDF format: if you do not have
a PDF plug-in, please obtain a free copy of
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