Dottie and Buzz

Teacher's Notes - Belonging (Programme 1)

Learning outcomes
  • Children will have a sense of belonging within their own family / class / school.
  • Children will be able to identify elements of the care that they need.
  • Children will make simple comparisons of the care that they need and the care other people and things need.
  • Children will be able to name some of the people who care for them and what capacity they care for them in.

Key vocabulary

belonging certificate caring adoption hospital family baby

Some related topics

Babies    Animals    Families

Preparation for the programme

Discuss with children what groups they belong to. Are there any signs that they belong to those groups?

Introduce the idea that we belong to a family group and that part of that group often lives with us. Are there any signs that we belong to these groups?

(The programme will show us a family group and also show us how groups that we belong to can change and grow.)

Suggestions for discussion whilst watching

Remind children that the programme they are going to watch is about belonging.

Ask the children to think about what groups the different characters (Dottie and Buzz) belong to.

In the programme Dottie tells us why her fruit-bat is special, what she does to look after it and what other people need to do to keep it special for her. The children could use the same areas of thought to discuss what is special to them and to think about what they have to do to keep their 'thing' special.

Follow up activities and discussion points

Using the Website resources

Children can use the website to make and print certificates for themselves, or to present to each other. The "is a member of" certificate has plenty of space for (e.g.) drawing on pictures of family members. (The certificates should print neatly on A4-sized paper, but if they don't, please see the special Help Page about printing.)

To encourage a sense of belonging within the class or school a certificate could be presented for being a member of (e.g.) class 6.

Children can compare the certificates that Dottie and Buzz have received with their own.

Do they have similar interests to the puppets?

The interactive game "Find Dottie's Certificate" reinforces some of the messages about the importance of belonging. (When children play the game, please note that the missing certificate isn't always found in the same place every time!)

The two printable worksheets encourage children to think about who cares for them, and include drawing / writing and sentence completion activities.
'People who care for me'     'Draw... people who care for me'

Language and Literacy

In the programme Dottie and Buzz make a scrapbook. Make a class scrapbook showing the range of different groups and clubs that the children and staff belong to.

Make a special class scrapbook containing a copy of any certificates that the children have received. Older children could also add a line of text explaining what they had to do in order to earn the certificate.

Dottie and Buzz went on a trip to the zoo. Sequence the preparation they would have made using some pictures, or through discussion sort into a rucksack items that they would have needed for the day. What can children find out about (fruit) bats using books or independent research on the internet and in the library?


What feelings do the children show in the programme?

Why are our families important to us?

Buzz had a collection of photos of things to reassure him when they were not there. Create a class collection of family photos. What things might make us want to see pictures of our families?

Do all the families in the pictures look the same?

What can we see about them that is different?


Through discussion identify the different feelings shown by Dottie and Buzz in the programme.

Collect a series of mother and baby pictures. We can easily match mother and baby animal pictures (you could make a very limited collection). Can we match mother and baby pictures from our class? What clues and knowledge are we using to do this?

Using the materials in a church context

Discuss the Christian family. We are all part of one group because God created us all.

Use the church group to which children belong as an example of belonging.

Learn the song 'Family of Man' ("I belong to a family, the biggest on the earth...")

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(There is also a list of all the printed support materials for using Dottie and Buzz in church.)

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