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Teacher's Notes - Baptism (Programme 3)

Learning outcomes
  • Children will know that babies are baptised to welcome them into the Christian family.
  • Children will develop a basic understanding of baptism and use of a church.
  • Children will develop a sense of awe and wonder at the importance of water.

Key vocabulary

baptism church font pew vicar prayers christian

Some related topics

Water    Special people    Babies    Special places

Preparation for the programme

Discuss with the children why we have names. What happens if two people have the same name? What ways do we have of telling them apart?

Revise ideas from Programme 1 on Belonging. Look at scrapbooks made in follow up activities. What did the children belong to?

The programme will include a visit to a church. Dottie and Buzz will meet a vicar and will prepare for the baptism of Dottie's new sister. It will also introduce extracts of the baptism service welcoming her to the church.

Suggestions for discussion whilst watching

Encourage children to look for specific features of the church, particularly those relating to the baptismal ceremony. Encourage the children to remember the vicar in the programme so that they will be able to describe him later.

Follow up activities and discussion points

Using the Website resources

Children can see some of Dottie's photos of the baptism. Each picture has a gap-filling question: together they cover the key vocabulary from the programme. Dottie and the vicar provide additional explanation (in spoken and text form).

The printable sheets are a drawing/writing activity which encourages children to think about the different situations in which people use candles, and a similar activity on the use of candles.
'Use of water'       'Candle Uses'

Language and Literacy

Discuss what a prayer is. Write a prayer for someone special in your family. (Remember a prayer can be one of thanks, not just a wish list!)

Write a description of the vicar. Encourage the children to think about what sort of person he might be rather than what he looked like. Discuss the ideas with the children.

Choose a favourite or familiar story from the Bible. Draw a picture of the story in a stained glass window outline. Think of a title for the window and retell the story that would accompany the picture.


Discuss:- What is a church? Where are they? What are they for?

Arrange a visit to a church and try and find some key features that the children identified in the programme and those specifically related to baptism. Ask the vicar to talk about his job. Children can make observation drawings of the church and compare their pictures to the church that Dottie and Buzz visited.

Discuss why people are baptised, why the church welcomes people and why babies are considered special. Why is water important in baptism?

Read stories from a range of Bibles. Compare the stories and the books. Why are they special?


Look at water. Collect it from a variety of sources and compare it. Look at water that comes from different taps, water from a pond or stream, water from a puddle etc. Discuss some uses of water. Who needs water? What for?

Look at some seeds. Draw and describe a range of seeds. How are they similar? Different? Do the same things happen to the seeds when they are planted? Display the pictures of the seeds by the growing plants. Add pictures of what the plant will look like when it is grown.

Sequence pictures of plant growth from sowing a seed.

Using the materials in a church context

If possible link this to a service that includes a baptism.

Discuss what it symbolises, thanking God for the precious gift of a baby and welcoming a new member to the Church. Link back to ideas from Programme 1 about belonging.

Use the story of John baptising Jesus from Luke 3 to illustrate the idea of baptism as a sign that you have chosen to live in a way that makes God happy.

It may also amaze the children that even Jesus was baptised. It is good to be able to link things that happen to them with someone so amazing!

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(There is also a list of all the printed support materials for using Dottie and Buzz in church.)


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