Dottie and Buzz - Christianity for early years
Christianity for early years
Channel 4 Learning
Age 4 - 6 AUTUMN 2001

From Friday 21 September (11.40-11.55)

      1. Belonging
      2. Creation
      3. Baptism
      4. Wide World
      5. Forgiving

21 Sep
28 Sep
 5 Oct
12 Oct
19 Oct

Child-size puppets Dottie and Buzz don't live in a studio - they live in a real house, go to a real school and have very real adventures! They ask the questions that children ask, and do the things that children do, and make the mistakes that children make. Young people can connect with these engaging characters and experience through them a rich spectrum of emotions ranging from fear, loss and loneliness to love, happy reflection and wonder at the created world.

Delivering a balanced mix of implicit and explicit Christian content, the stories in the series form a sequence and explore key RE strands and themes in stimulating child-centred settings.

Programme 3, Baptism, is pivotal and the core ideas of baptism (new life, forgiveness, relationships, creation, belonging within the Christian family) are made explicit.
  Throughout the series these themes and ideas are revisited, compounded and developed.

The Baptism

The series covers most aspects of the curriculum learning requirements of the QCA model syllabuses (Early Years and Key Stage 1 RE) and presents RE and Christianity in a positive and child-friendly context.

Christianity for early years

Teachers' Guide
Activity Book:
This book provides fully differentiated activities designed to allow children to explore the Christian religion.

252854 - £6.95
Big Book:
This 24-page big book features highly illustrated enlarged text for whole class use.

252862 - £12.95

Teachers' Guide:
This book provides guidance for teachers and ideas for activities around some of the central themes of Christianity.

245293 - £3.95

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