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Don't worry if some parts of this website don't work as you expect: you probably need to upgrade or add to your web browser program, so your computer has all it needs to display the whole site properly. You only need to do this once (per computer!).

In the course of preparing to use this site with children, you will not only be checking that everything works on your computer, but also (usually) speeding up load times for subsequent use.

To get the best out of this website, your computer should have:-
  • an up to date web browser such as Netscape , or Internet Explorer, version 4 or later.
  • a Macromedia Shockwave player (version 7 or later) for the interactive parts (Your computer's sound should be turned on when using Shockwave)
  • a Macromedia Flash (version 4) player (Recent releases of Internet Explorer / Netscape Navigator often come with this player already installed).
  • A PDF Reader, such as Adobe Acrobat, is needed to display and print the worksheets.

Playing Songs: Please note that some computer/browser combinations may synchronise words and music better after the first play-through.   If everything's working fine already, you can ignore the rest of this page!

(If you are in any doubt what to do next, please ask your local technical support person.)

Browser updates

Web browser upgrades are available from the cover CDs of many Internet-related magazines, and from the Microsoft and Netscape websites.
  Player and plug-in updates

You can get the latest Shockwave & Flash players from the Macromedia website. You will need to do this if your browser doesn't have these players, or if they are older than the versions listed above. Installation is usually a straightforward task.
Acrobat (PDF) Reader is available from the Adobe website.

Please note that these recommendations are general in nature:
we cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any programs you download or install.

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