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Because Christianity is arguably the oldest and longest established of the main faiths in the UK, it is inevitable that Christianity will have the largest number of places of worship available to visit. The parish system in England and Wales means that in nearly every community in the country, a church can be found. Alongside the school, post office and pub the church is one of the visible signs of a healthy community. Usually the church will belong to the Church of England or Anglican Church, but you will also find Roman Catholic churches and free church Chapels and house groups in many towns and villages.

Click on the links opposite to find a description of the main features of the Christian places of worship and artefacts that can be found inside them. You will notice that we have included the Orthodox tradition here as well, as there is a growing community of Orthodox Christians in the UK today. And with the rise of Church house groups, let’s see what they can offer.

Click also to find out if there is a Church near you that will welcome a visit from you. Some examples of links to virtual tours are also available.

On the right also are ways that can enable your trip to be a success, and means by which the learning outcomes of the students can be assessed.


Places of Worship

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Orthodox Church

Free Church / Chapel

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