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Places of Worship videos - Christianity - Anglican

Video duration: 10 minutes approximately.

Inside an Anglican Church

Alice and Bethany go to St. Mary’s Church, Walthamstow. They talk about some of their beliefs as Christians and how they influence the way they live; they also describe some of the worship traditions in their church and as members of the Church of England. In the film they guide viewers around some of the main features of the church, explaining something of their relevance. Alice and Bethany also talk about the place of the church in the community where they live.

The life of the worshipping community at St Mary’s is varied and illustrates just one of the range of traditions within the Anglican Church. The style of worship, language and artefacts used as well as what they seek to represent can vary widely from Church to Church.

The church itself is not a new building; what happens both there in worship and in how Church members share their beliefs in their daily life help show how the long traditions of the Church of England can still have an important place in life today – for all generations, both young and old.

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This film is in line with the national expectations for Religious Education as outlined by the non-statutory guidelines for RE. Learning objectives for levels 1-8 in both attainment targets, Learning about Religions & Learning from Religions, can be drawn from this film.

Students should be able to recognize, identify, describe and show understanding of the features of religious life and practice in Christianity. They should also be able to explain the beliefs and teachings arising from the film and relate some religious practices seen here to the lifestyles of the worshippers.

By comparing the lifestyles of Christians with their own, and identifying what influences these people of faith, students should be able to come to a greater appreciation of what it is to be a person of faith and the importance it holds for that person.


1. What are the main features of worship? Is there a connection, or link, between worship and the way believers live?

2. Churches are sacred spaces where believers think they come closer to God. In what ways do the architecture, layout and life of a church help this to happen? Does worship have to be the way you saw it here? If you had the chance to make changes, what would you do?

3. Christian worship is congregational. What does this mean? In what ways does the church bring people together? How could it do more?

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