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Places of Worship videos - Christianity - Baptist

Video duration: 11 minutes approximately.

The Baptist Church

This film follows the Reverend Charles Crosland and the congregation of Claremont Baptist Church on a tour of a Baptist church and the worship to be found there. The Baptist Church is one of the large free church denominations of Christianity to be found in this country and is often referred to as one of the non-conformist groups of churches. Baptists vary from many other churches by practicing believers' baptism. When new members are baptized they are taken fully under water in a baptistry - a bath or small pool, large enough for two or three people. The church also has a democratic system of organization so that important decisions are arrived at by the Church meeting together to discern 'God's will'.

The Church is generally plainer than a Church of England church. It has a baptistry, large enough for adults to be baptised in, at the front. The pews face towards this, and the lectern and pulpit, from where the worship is led. Central to worship is the sermon which is often said from the pulpit, and this is based on Bible readings read from the lectern. Modern hymns and anthems are a key feature of worship.

In this film, Revd Crosland outlines the important features of the church and introduces certain core beliefs of the Baptist Church. Revd Crosland explains the place of various artefacts used in worship, including the baptistry and explains the symbolism associated with them. Revd Crosland conducts the service with the help of his deacons and members of the congregation.

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This film is in line with the national expectations for Religious Education as outlined by the non-statutory guidelines for RE. Learning objectives for levels 1-8 in both attainment targets, Learning about Religions & Learning from Religions can be drawn from this film.

Students should be able to recognize, identify, describe and show understanding of the features of religious life and practice in Christianity. They should also be able to explain the beliefs and teachings arising from the film and relate some religious practices seen here to the lifestyles of the worshippers.

By comparing the lifestyles of Christians with their own, and identifying what influences these people of faith, students should be able to come to a greater appreciation of what it is to be a person of faith and the importance it holds for that person.


1. The Baptist Church has distinct features. What are they? To what extent are the features in this church linked to the beliefs of the congregation? How is the importance of the Bible reflected in the design of the church?

2. How does worship in the Baptist Church try to meet the needs of the modern world? Does worship have to be like the way you saw here? If you had the chance to make changes, what would you do?

3. Christian worship is congregational. What does this mean? In what ways does the church bring people of various ages together? What aspects of fellowship would you consider important for a church to have?

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