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All teachers know that learning takes place outside the classroom as well as inside it. Visits are highly valuable educational experiences. We also know how much learning inside the classroom is enhanced by visits outside it. These pages are an encouragement to use both local and national religious resources that are available outside the classroom in order to give pupils first hand experiences of the religious buildings and the communities they serve.

Click on the boxes above to access a window into the world of one of the main religious traditions in the UK. Here you will find not only descriptions of the main places of worship, but also links to places of worship that offer opportunities for educational visits. If you cannot get out of the classroom, or want to reinforce aspects of a visit already made, you will also find links to places of worship that can provide virtual tours.

Click on the links to the right and you will be guided through all the instructions you will need to make a visit to a place of worship successful. Here you will find general instructions on planning, and follow up, as well as specific instructions about the sensitivities we need in different places of worship.

Click on the other boxes to discover suggestions for activities and questions for students to ask.

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