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It might seem odd to have a section on the home as a Place of Worship on a website like this. However, this just shows how the borders between different aspects of religion can be blurred. In most, if not all religions, the home is an extremely important place for the traditions and beliefs of the religion to be learnt and carried on from generation to generation. As it is the custom in many Pakistani and far-eastern families for generations to live together in the same home, the passing on of belief and ceremony from grandparents to grandchildren and from parents to children is more easily done than with the nuclear families of the UK. The home is more than just a place for eating and sleeping and watching the television. It is a place where learning about religion happens and if this means that artefacts are used it becomes a place also of worship.

For a Muslim, from birth the home is central to the learning of the Qu’ran and the sacred language of Islam, Arabic. The first words a Muslim child hears are verses from the Qu’ran whispered into the right the ear by the father. Texts from the Qu’ran will be on the walls and Muslim prayers as well as verses from the Qu’ran will be learnt by heart. It is also the religious duty of parents to teach their children good manners and this is done through example and instruction. In this way, a young Muslim will become familiar with Islam and the obligations for prayer that are necessary in the Mosque.

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