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Learning is such an important part of the Jewish way of life that it is not surprising that the Synagogue has a very important part to play in the learning process of any young and older Jewish person. In Orthodox Synagogues, it was men who traditionally took the greater lead in learning and being able to read in Hebrew. To know intimately the Hebrew scriptures has always been regarded as a higher virtue, so the Torah scrolls will be a key feature in any Synagogue. Since the time of the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 CE, it has been the Synagogue that has been the central place of learning, of worship , and of community for the Jewish faith.

Click on the boxes opposite to find a description of the main features of the Synagogue and artifacts that can be found inside it. You will notice that we have included the home as a place for learning about Judaism and the place of the family is central to understanding the faith.

Click also to find out if there is a Synagogue near you that will welcome a visit from you. Some examples of links to virtual tours are also available.

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