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Video duration: 12 minutes approximately.

The Gurdwara

This film follows Ranvir Singh a member of the congregation of the Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara on a tour of the Gurdwara. Ranvir is a teacher in west London and has worshipped for many years at the Gurdwara, becoming one of the management committee.

The Gurdwara was purpose-built in the 1990s and was based on the traditional design for a Sikh Gurdwara. West London has a large Sikh community and the Gurdwara caters for Sikhs, from many backgrounds and walks of life.

In this film, Ranvir introduces the core beliefs of Sikhism and outlines the important features of the main worship room. He outlines the place of various artefacts found in the worship room and explains the symbolism associated with them. With the help and kind co-operation of other members of the Gurdwara, Ranvir demonstrates the manner in which Sikhs worship. It is important to note the important place the langar, or kitchen, takes in Sikh community worship.

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This film is in line with the national expectations for Religious Education as outlined by the non-statutory guidelines for RE. Learning objectives for levels 1-8 in both attainment targets, Learning about Religions & Learning from Religions can be drawn from this film.

Students should be able to recognize, identify, describe and show understanding of the features of religious life and practice in Sikhism. They should also be able to explain the beliefs and teachings arising from the film and relate some religious practices seen here to the lifestyles of the worshippers.

By comparing the lifestyles of Sikhs with their own, and identifying what influences these people of faith, students should be able to come to a greater appreciation of what it is to be a person of faith and the importance it holds for that person.


1. The congregation in the Gurdwara is performing congregational worship. What are the main features of Sikh worship? What benefits arise from the prayers? What do you think people gain from such an act of worship?

2. Gurdwaras are sacred spaces where believers think they come closer to God. In what ways does the architecture and layout of a Gurdwara help this to happen?

3. For Sikhs, making sure that the material aspects of the person are looked after are as important as making sure the spiritual aspects of the person are nurtured. What do you think this means and how is it reflected in the Gurdwara?

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