The word Islam is derived from the Arabic root ‘salima’ which means peace, harmony and submission. Islam, referring to the religion, is the submission of the creation to the will of God and its co-existence in peace and harmony. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) began to receive the last and final revelation from Allah in the year 610 CE. Over a 23 year period, the revelation was received and recorded in the form of the Qur’an. Today, Islam is a worldwide religion with over 1,220 million adherents. This is about 19% of the world’s population and it is growing rapidly.


The resources contained in the list of subjects to the right are a basic introduction to the facts and beliefs of Islam. They are a portal or window into the world Islam and by following the websites and bibliographies, an enquirer may discover more and more about this faith.


The six units are based on the QCA non-statutory framework for Religious Education and the Areas of Enquiry. They provide not only a comprehensive guide to the factual and belief structures of Islam but also address the issues that Islam encounters as it engages with the 21st century.


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About the Author


This section was written by Monawar Hussain, Mubeen Azam and Nourallah Chakroun.


Imam Monawar Hussain is the Muslim Tutor at Eton College. He read Theology at the University of Oxford, majoring in Islam and the West, and trained as an Imam at the Muslim College, London, under the late Shaykh Dr. Zaki Badawi KBE. Monawar has spoken at many educational institutes and forums throughout the UK, and has featured in a number of television documentaries about Muslims in Europe. Monawar is currently trialling a programme he devised entitled ‘The Oxford Muslim Pupils’ Empowerment Programme’, seeking to engage Muslim pupils’ within a school context. He is also translating, from Urdu to English, a major Sufi work of a leading reformist Sufi of the early 20th century. Monawar has served as a Commissioner on the Commission for the Future of Volunteering, continuing to support the work of Volunteering England, is passionate about interfaith work and has led on a number of ground breaking initiatives in the field of interfaith work.


Mubeen Azam was born and raised in Manchester. He completed a BA in Islamic Theology at the Al-Mahdi Institute of Islamic Studies, Birmingham (2003). He then lived and studied Arabic in Lebanon for a year with his wife. He is currently completing an MA in Islamic Studies (Exeter University). He completed a PGCE in RE at Exeter University (2007). Mubeen teaches RE with Citizenship in Cornwall. In addition to his work and study experience, he continues to deliver lectures on various Islamic issues in the UK and abroad and takes part in various inter-faith work.


Nourallah Chakroun – was born and raised in Lebanon. She completed her BA in Islamic Theology at the Al-Mahdi Institute of Islamic Studies, Birmingham (2003). During her time in Birmingham, Nourallah took part in a variety of inter-faith work. She then lived and studied in Lebanon with her husband for a year. Nourallah has completed an MA in Islamic Studies at Exeter University (2008).