Looking ahead to 2019 we are going to be making some changes to RE:Online, to keep the resources fully up to date in response to the Commission on RE. Some content will be retired to make way for new resources. We are really excited, and we hope you will be too.



Continuing your own professional development is a vital part of professional practice for all teachers and for those in leadership roles, supporting others’ development is also very important.


Therefore, here, we provide a list of some key CPD opportunities.


Teach RE Course: The aim of this course is support all those who currently teach RE in primary and secondary schools, and those who are planning to enter Initial Teacher Training.

The course aims to develop an understanding of RE in schools including its rationale and pedagogical approaches, as well as supporting subject knowledge development.


Masters in Education – Culham St Gabriel’s 3forRE Scheme: undertaking formal professional development through masters level study is an increasing trend for teachers of all subjects.  RE teachers are very fortunate that the 3forRE Scheme from Culham St Gabriel’s is available to them.  This unique scheme contributes to teachers’ university fees, sharing the costs between CSTG, the school and the teacher.  Have a look at the page for more information: http://www.cstg.org.uk/grants/3forre/


RE:ONLINE – Knowing Section: this section of RE:ONLINE provides excellent information on thinking about the aims of RE, pedagogy and RE subject knowledge


RE:ONLINE – RE Matters: this section of RE:ONLINE provide excellent articles and think pieces on a whole range of issues in the RE World.


Culham St Gabriel’s Events: Culham St Gabriel’s offers a number of local and national events aimed at supporting RE teachers’ CPD.  Have a look at the videos from the the Energising RE Conference: http://www.cstg.org.uk/events/energising-re-2015/videos/


RE Regional Strategy: there are many local CPD opportunities in local hubs.  Culham St Gabriel’s supports the foundation and work of many local hubs.  Have a look at the regional strategy page to see the ways in which you could get involved.


NATRE Local Groups: a large number of local NATRE groups meet regularly to discuss RE teaching and CPD.  Have a look at the list to find the nearest group to you.


Save RE: not all CPD involves face to face contact.  Just interacting with peers online can be an excellent way of improving your professional practice.  Have a look at Save RE on Facebook for practice and resource sharing.


RE Council Professional Development Portal: The REC provides a useful list of various professional development opportunities