26th March 2022 Zoroastrian (Iranian)

21st August 2022 Zoroastrian (Shenshai)

22nd July 2022 Zoroastrian (Kadmi)

Khordad Sal is the Birthday of Zarathushtra and falls on the sixth day following NoRuz. Khordad means perfection and the festival of Khordad Sal symbolically celebrates the birthday of Prophet Zarathushtra. It is customary on this day to visit the Fire Temple, to give thanks to Ahura Mazda for giving humanity the Prophet Zarathushtra, to participate in a jashan or thanksgiving ceremony, to listen to stories of the miraculous birth and life of Prophet Zarathushtra, and to share in a happy community meal, a drink and a dance.

More Information:

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Khordad Sal celebrates the birthday of the Prophet Lord Zoroaster

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