How I…

Teachers and other RE Professionals share their experiences:

How I… realised the importance of Religious Education whilst living in France – Ruth Marx

How I… began writing for publication – Gillian Georgiou

How I… use Lego, some toy sheep, a fake beard and a series of questionable accents to keep GCSE RS interesting – Alan Harrison

How I… use thematic units to develop core skills and engage learners – Stuart McKinlay

How I… support the provision of Religious Education across a Teaching School Alliance – Adam Holdsworth

How I… use knowledge quizzes at A level – Joe Kinnaird

How I… use formative assessment to inform progress and planning in Primary RE – Laura Harris

How I… am writing a rigorous primary curriculum – AJ Smith

How I… adapted to lockdown – Emma Fletcher

How I… teach during lockdown – Saima Saleh

How I… embed religious literacy in the classroom and beyond – Naila Missous

How I… am making key stage 4 core RE more rigorous – Dawn Cox

How I… have found advantages in the challenges of teaching during lockdown – Rachael Jackson-Royal

How I… ensure KS3 SOWs are ambitious – Charlotte Newman

How I… boosted the popularity of RS at GCSE – Kim Clarke

How I… use doubt to increase knowledge in RE – Luke Ventura

How I… manage to set remote learning tasks for our students during school closures – Nikki McGee

How I… want to tell the world about ‘Email a Believer’ – David Rees

How I… use technology to digitally enhance teaching and learning in RE – Matthew Jones

How I… teach about the Bahá’i Faith without an artefact box – Debbie Tibbey

How I… brought about a curriculum revolution in RE – Matthew Lane

How I… use ‘Research for RE’ – Abi Maguire

How I… managed a new year 11 class – Clare Hawkins

How I… became a Professor of Religious Education – James Holt

How I… value trips in the curriculum – Clare Hawkins

How I… set up a Youth SACRE in Milton Keynes – Shammi Rahman

How I… use social media to support teachers – Sarah Payne

How I… became a regional ambassador for RE – Laura Harris

How I… achieved REQM Silver award – Nishat Dewji

How I… keep my local RE Network up and running – Frances Neil


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