Individual spirituality

As in all religions, individual expressions of commitment and devotional piety vary; some Christians are totally devoted to their particular Christian path, spending every moment that they can to meet with other Christians, to read their Bible and pray, while for others, it is simply the religion they grew up in, and thus a mark of their identity or heritage, but little more. For some, the faith is something particularly experienced at an emotional level, while for others it is Christianity’s beliefs and doctrines that make so much sense, and which provide moral direction and guidance in life. Sometimes these various differences of commitment-level and emphasis are denominational, but sometimes it just comes down to the particular beliefs or devotional piety of that individual. For some groups, their expression of Christian faith is so strictly adhered to that they choose not to mix with others who do not follow the same Christian path. Examples of this are the Amish and the Plymouth Brethren.

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