Magazine produced by Himalayan Academy, based in Hawaii, which exists to foster Hindu solidarity worldwide and inform and inspire Hindus and those interested in Hinduism. Widely respected for providing non-sectarian, comprehensive and inclusive news on a wide range of religious and cultural topics from a Hindu perspective.

Hinduism as ‘spiritual humanism’ with links to many resources for schools and talks by Jay Lakhani.

Many resources on Hinduism reflecting pluralism and diversity as well as ISKCON perspectives.

Many resources on Hinduism, school and university visits, founded by the previous director of ISKCON Educational Services.

Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies. Downloadable lectures and other information.

Items on Hinduism in the news.

BBC Radio 4 also has/had several series with relevant topics:

Beyond Belief

Includes programmes on ‘Ayodhya’, ‘Karma’, ‘Women in Hinduism’ and ‘Yoga’

In Our Time

Includes programmes on ‘The Bhagavad Gita’, ‘Hindu Ideas of Creation’ ‘Lakshmi’ and ‘The Upanishads’.

Incarnations: India in 50 Lives

Includes programmes on ‘Gandhi: In the Palm of Our Hands’, ‘Kautilya: The Circle of Power’, ‘Mirabai: I Go the Other Way’, ‘Rammohan Roy: Humanity in General’, ‘Shankaracarya: A God Without Qualities’, ‘Shivaji: Dreaming Big’, ‘Vivekananda: Bring All Together’.

For philosophy, the following are useful: Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

For sacred texts Internet Sacred Text Archive.

Traditional Indian stories for children:

For festival dates consult the RE:ONLINE festivals Calendar (provided by the Shap Working Party):

Many of the entries on Hindu topics on Wikipedia are reliable and very good, but use with the usual care.

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Hindu Worldview Traditions


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