The Journey of Life

Death is a comma, not a full stop. Life and living is the key to immortality – there should be no fear of death but instead an active attempt to seek liberation and salvation through right living and right conduct. The ceremony of death is performed collectively and the body is cremated within a few hours of death and not preserved any longer than absolutely necessary. The focus of prayer and funeral rites is on a peaceful afterlife and a prayer for ultimate liberation.

Family and community come close together to support the bereaved at this unfortunate moment. It is a duty for close family members to do this. The philosophy encourages detachment and therefore makes it easier for people to accept death of close relatives or friends as they are seen as independent souls on their journey to eventual liberation. However, the practicalities of closeness and attachment are also respected and people are allowed to express their emotions at this difficult time.

As it is the soul which transmigrates, the cremation of the body is seen as natural and environment friendly. Burial is seen as unnecessary as the body is now pure matter and devoid of any life.

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