Answers to Ultimate Questions

For Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Bible has the answer to all spiritual questions and is the source of truth and the blueprint for living. It follows that they, as the correct interpreters of the Bible’s messages, have the truth. Whilst they do not consider themselves to be infallible, Jehovah’s Witnesses do consider themselves to be ‘in the truth’ and all other religions, including ‘nominal Christianity’ (the term for all other denominations), are part of ‘Babylon the Great’. Only those who accept Jehovah through belief in the ‘ransom sacrifice’ of Jesus, and who are repentant and seek to imitate Jesus in their lives, will survive Armageddon.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses’ answers to ultimate questions are inextricably tied to the key beliefs of the organisation (see Basic Beliefs section above). As mentioned above, they believe that the second coming of Christ and the establishment of his Kingdom on earth is imminent, and that we are currently in the ‘last days’, with the present political and environmental situation as evidence of this. They seek to reach everyone with this message – ‘publishing’ or evangelising door-to-door or with literature stands in public places. During Armageddon, the living and dead will be judged by Christ. A ‘great crowd’ of people from all nations and time periods will survive and will live in Paradise on Earth. A further 144,000 (the ‘anointed class’) will rule with Christ in Heaven. This theocratic government will rule over Paradise Earth and will replace all current government systems which are believed to be ruled by Satan. Those who are judged adversely will be destroyed.

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