Art, Music, Drama and Creativity

Whilst song is an integral aspect of Jehovah’s Witnesses’ worship, in general, art, music and drama activities are not organised by the congregation but rather take place in individual homes. Most members’ observation of their weekly family worship evening includes fun activities related to faith, such as performing plays or making pictures or crafts based on Biblical passages. There are a great number of suggested activities on the Jehovah’s Witnesses website in the Bible Teachings for Children section. These encourage parents to engage their children in fun activities which will teach them important moral and ethical lessons from Biblical stories.Having said this, there is a distinctive style of art work and photography in the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ magazines, often depicting aspects of family life or missionary work. Illustrated Bible stories can be found on the Bible Teachings for Children section of the website, as can an animated cartoon series for children, ‘Become Jehovah’s Friend’.

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