Expression and Worship

Meeting together for worship is central to Jehovah’s Witnesses’ religious practice. Much worship is focused on Bible study and weekend services include a Bible talk and Watchtower study. Worship does include songs (the preferred term over hymns). In the UK, the musical accompaniment is usually pre-recorded and played on a CD player or computer, rather than live music. This differs by country however, and in Germany, for instance, live music is more common in Kingdom Halls (Chryssides 2016: 206).The Jehovah’s Witnesses website lists the following activities as worship:

  • Praying to God
  • Reading and studying the Bible
  • Meditating on what we learn from the Bible
  • Meeting together to pray, study the Bible and sing
  • Preaching the “good news of the Kingdom”
  • Helping those in need
  • Constructing and maintaining Kingdom Halls
  • Sharing in disaster relief

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