Symbols of Faith

Since the 1930s, Jehovah’s Witnesses do not venerate the cross or any other religious symbols as this is considered to be pagan idolatrous practice (prior to this, they did use the symbol of a cross in a crown, until it was judged to be a pagan symbol). Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that Jesus did not die on a cross but rather on a single stake or tree. They suggest that Roman Emperor Constantine introduced the cross as a Christian symbol in the fourth century, and that the cross has its origins as a symbol of “nature worship and pagan sex rites.”[1]The Watchtower symbol (which appears on the magazine of the same name), as well as an image of an open Bible, are popular imagery within the religion, but they are not accorded any sacred significance and are not venerated. The same could be said of the website which is now advertised on a plaque in every Kingdom Hall and on the organisation’s vehicles.


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