Basic Beliefs

Jews are monotheists. They believe there is only one G-d.

Jews believe that: G-d is eternal and beyond time and space. G-d is not limited by a physical body. G-d is omnipresent. G-d is the creator of the world and everything in it and has a purpose for the world. G-d is omnibenevolent. G-d is interested in people’s moral behaviour. G-d is omnipotent and omniscient. G-d judges each individual.

Judaism teaches that G-d created the world. The accounts of this creation of the world and all life on it are found in Genesis 1-3.

Judaism teaches that G-d gives all life and only G-d can take it away. However, Judaism does not have any clear teaching about what happens after death.

Jews believe that they are the ‘chosen people’ of G-d. This means that G-d selected them to live their lives according to his will and to set an example to others of how he wanted everyone to live.

Both Christianity and Islam have the same belief in a monotheistic god but have different beliefs about how this god wants people to live.

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