The environment

As Paganism is largely rooted in the idea of the sacredness of nature, environmental issues are a crucial part of much Pagan ethics. Pagans may be involved in forms of direct action or other political activities, campaigning for the future of the planet against the many ways in which this is threatened. Others will focus on deepening respect for and relationship with the earth through ritual and meditation rather than politics. Some Pagans blame Christianity and Abrahamic faiths more generally for having an attitude that sees humans and the divine as separate from nature, and that nature can be conquered and exploited as humans wish. This is sometimes justified by reference to the scriptural concept of human being having been given ‘dominion over’ nature. Other Pagans recognise alternative messages of care for, and stewardship of, or partnership with, nature within the history and present practice of Christians, Muslims and Jews.

Celebrating planet earth and ethical action avoiding harming the environment can be areas where Pagans can fruitfully work with those from all religions and none.

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