Religion and Science

Science is seen as Babylon’s tool. It is part of technocratic imperialism. Rastafari try to turn away from the materialism, mass media, and commodity fetishism of white European supremacy. There is an antipathy to white man’s ideas. When the sociologist Leonard E. Barrett attended a Nyabinghi, he was accosted for carrying cameras and tape recorder, which were called the tools of Babylon. Rastafari prefer natural things, living ‘naturally’, which means in accordance with their interpretation of ‘the laws of nature’. This can mean that Rastafari can be sceptical of some forms of biomedicine, such as vaccinations. Science and technology are seen as artificial and unnatural. They make evil things like weapons of mass destruction. They are a means of enslaving man to machine, so that he is unable to do things for himself, like Africans were when they were used as slaves.

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