Answers to Ultimate Questions

The answer to the ultimate questions for members of the LDS Church is that God has a plan, and it is up to them to choose to follow it if they want to maximise their chances for happiness, here and in eternity. This means keeping their covenant promises, getting married, if possible, and living a good life. Through these choices, they demonstrate faithfulness to God. They seek guidance from the Holy Ghost; however, they must choose to consult it and follow it for themselves; they are responsible for their own commitments. Their revelation is the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which it is their responsibility to spread throughout the world. Many Mormons see their Church as preparing the world for Christ to someday reign in power. It will bring about Zion through Church organisations and programmes and, even more importantly, individual dedication.

World events are often interpreted as direct fulfilment of Mormon interpretations of scripture and prophecy. Secular jobs and vocations may be used to spread the influence of Christian principles. America is seen as created for a special and specific purpose by the Lord; it is the place of Gospel restoration and where the millennial reign of Christ will begin. However, suggestions that this means Mormons are working towards achieving LDS control of the United States government are ludicrous to almost all Mormons everywhere and is definitely not taught by the institutional Church. Some critics see the Mormon Church as on a quest for religious and political supremacy but most Mormons find this absurd (though they do believe their convictions will stand them in good stead during difficult historical periods).

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