Guidance for Life

The responsibility of all members of the LDS Church is to follow God’s plan throughout their life. The Church describes God as generally having a simple pattern for revealing his plan: the prophets, as witnesses of God, testify of Christ and Christian principles, the Holy Ghost confirms the truth of these teachings to those who seriously contemplate them, and then the faithful are invited to obey. In practice, this is translated by Mormons as living a life of simplicity, including simple morality and evangelism, keeping faithful to their promises to God and, where appropriate, telling others of his Gospel. It is a choice by individuals that they make after study, contemplation, and prayer through which they interpret confirmation of God’s plan as taught by his prophets and revealed by the Holy Ghost. The gift of the Holy Ghost, which requires sensitivity and serenity to operate, is considered to be a spiritual compass that provides guidance throughout life. Individuals are called to repent of their sins, which are moral deviations from God’s plan. God’s plan is believed to work best through the family, which involves adults getting married and having children. It is also worked out through the way one’s life is lived. The 13th Article of Faith calls on Church members to be “honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men”. Among other things, this has led to an emphasis on economic self-reliance and economic welfare as important elements in religious salvation. Mormons still believe in the Second Coming and the Millennium (the thousand-year reign of Christ on Earth). Early Mormons expected it imminently; however, its time of occurrence is less of a focus for the contemporary Church. Members are called upon to prepare for judgement whether this occurs sooner or later. Faith in Christ and good works prepare one for Judgement Day, which means keeping God’s commandments as understood through scripture, the teachings of Church leaders, and the rigorous demands of individual conscience.

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