Places of Worship

The most important place of worship for the LDS Church is the Temple. It is seen as the house of the Lord. Ordinances such as eternal marriage are held in the Temple. Only those who follow strict requirements of faithfulness are issued ‘Temple recommends’ after interviews with the ecclesiastical leaders of their ward and stake. They can then enter the Temple and receive the Temple ordinances, starting with washing and anointing. Those who have not achieved this level, and non-Mormons, are not allowed in the Temples. Members do not talk about some of the details of what goes on in Temples with non-Mormons, it is secret because it is sacred, so holy that it can be talked about only within the Temple. It is necessary to dress modestly to enter the Temple. Churches are smaller places of worship that anyone can go to. They are used for ordinary Sunday worship, and are open to all Mormons and any visitors who wish to go. They also usually include a recreation room, kitchen, classrooms, and more.

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