Symbols of Faith

Temple garments are given after a Church member receives the Temple endowment. It is underclothing worn day and night except when not practical, for example while swimming. It is ordinary white underwear, with no physical significance, although it is a modest under garment that covers the entire torso, upper arms, and the legs to below the knee. It has a spiritual significance. Mormons see it as spiritual armour and wear it as an outward symbol of their inner commitment to Jesus Christ. It is a physical, permanent reminder of the covenants they have made with the Lord. It also symbolises the modesty of dress and living that is considered appropriate for believers.

Zion is a central symbol in the LDS Church, referring to a group of followers, a place they live, but also a future place where equality and justice will reign. In the early Church history, Zion was identified with Independence, Missouri and then Nauvoo, Illinois and then the state of Utah. In founding the LDS colony in what became Utah, the Church saw itself as creating Zion. The establishment of Zion was a goal of the early Church which they believed would usher in the Second Coming of Christ and the millennium, or thousand year reign of Christ on Earth. However, in later years Zion became any group of believers in whatever geographical location they lived. Each stake is said to be ‘of Zion’ because they are for gathering and purifying a people of God.

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