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When Zoroastrians first migrated to Britain they avoided interfaith activity fearing a Christian influence and conversion from its own followers. However, since the late 1980s, Zoroastrians have been actively involved in inter-faith dialogue. This has not been without its difficulties as, due to its lack of widespread knowledge, Zoroastrians became vulnerable to mockery in the media. For example, on one occasion a Sunday newspaper produced a glossy supplement on new religious cults and, despite the fact it is one of the world’s oldest prophetic religions, Zoroastrianism was included. However, the 21st century has led to greater understanding of religion as a whole, with Zoroastrians now regarded as one of the main nine ‘official’ religions in Britain. Members are invited to a diverse range of functions alongside other leaders of faith communities, including the faith area of the Millennium Dome and Commonwealth Services at Westminster Abbey. This recognition of, and active engagement in, interfaith dialogue, has ensured the identity of Zoroastrianism remains strong.

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