Autumn 2021 – Curriculum

This term we will be focusing on the idea of curriculum. What should a religion and worldviews curriculum look like? Where to start thinking?

What does Ofsted say about curriculum design?

Ofsted are looking for a clear purpose behind curriculum design (EIF 2021). In the 2021 Ofsted Research Review focusing on RE, it is suggested that ‘The RE curriculum should set out what it means to ‘get better’ at the subject as pupils move through the journey of the curriculum at primary and secondary level.’ (Research Review 2021, ‘curriculum progression’ section, summary).

In order to design a curriculum offering appropriate subject knowledge that builds and connects over time, progression and sequencing are key.

When it comes to selecting learning content, it is suggested that,

‘High-quality RE prepares pupils to engage in a complex multi-religious and multi-secular world. To reach this goal, leaders and teachers might think about the overall conception of religion and non-religion that pupils build through the RE curriculum. To consider the overall concept of religion and non-religion that pupils build through the curriculum is perhaps more useful than thinking about the quantity and weighting of traditions to include.’ (Learning substantive knowledge in the RE curriculum’ section, ‘Are the representations on the RE curriculum ‘collectively enough’?).

NATRE has collated helpful information about Ofsted ‘deep dives’:

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